Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Barefoot diary

So I don't bore the pants of everyone I thought I post a weekly diary rather than a daily one about my barefoot fascitis cure (says he hopefully) so that you can skip the whole lot in one go.
Tuesday 27th July
 took shoes off all day and did a couple of times up and down the courtyard on the gravel and that was about all I could manage. Painful to say the least. More than pain though it was more the sensitivity of my feet that I found uncomfortable. I thought, being an experimental animal, that I would film my progress. So I did the first sequence today. I’ll do others every few days or if I feel there has been some progress. Just so I can keep an accurate record I thought I count my paces. 
Wednesday 28th July did 500 paces. The same as yesterday and 500 at one go was about all I could have managed. 
Thursday 29th july 500 paces 
Friday 30th july 1000 paces. After a thousand paces my soles felt pleasantly numb. Like someone had  stuck a layer of something over them. On thick gravel it’s not uncomfortable but on patchy gravel it hurts.
Saturday 31st  july  1000 paces
Sunday 1st august 1000 paces + trip to bridge. I did two lots of 500 and felt so comfortable that I went down to the bridge and back again on mostly rough gravel sharp stones of all sizes. Not that comfortable going down but coming up hill was nice.
Monday 2nd august 1500 paces. I measured the width and length of my feet and filmed myself trying, vainbly, to wiggle my toes. The right foot is more flexible than the left if flexible is a word I can use in reference to my feet. I can’t wobble any of my toes individually except the big toes. It will be interesting to see if barefooting makes any difference to toe flexibility. Logically it should. 
Tuesday 3rd august 1500 paces before lunch. Only three stones that hurt a bit otherwise quite a comfortable walk. At the moment if I sit still for a long time my fascitis foot stiffens up much more than with shoes but, contrasting this once I start walking out on the gravel   have no pain at all. Zilch. Which is encouraging. This morning though I did have some trouble with my left knee but maybe this was due to kneeling down on cold wet ground at work (I’m underpinning a cow byre wall at the moment). As I write my soles are buzzing slightly which is unusual and a lovely sensation. I have read a couple of times of the analogy between taking your shoes off and taking earmuffs off. You hear the sound the ground is making really loudly. Well today the sensation is a foot verson of that ringbuzzing you get in your ears after a rock concert. I’d really like to get up into the mountains to vary the terrain and extend the time a bit but the thunder cloud build-up meant me postponing it till a future date. Instead I went up to our spring water-pipe  which is about  a 2000 pace round trip on gravel and loose stones and chippings. Not really any problems to speak of which surprises me after such a short time.When I got back I could feel my heel though.Apart from the barefoot training thingy I haven’t had shoes on since last Tuesday. I put them on today when  I went to get sand from the builder’s merchants and it’s quite incredible how soft they felt. Almost worth going barefoot for a while just to enjoy the sensation of shoes..I don’t know if this is just coincidence or not but I can almost touch my toes. I haven’t been able to do this for years and I haven’t done any exercise at all to make this possible .The whole leg feels less tense. If it’s not raining tomorrow I’m going up my favourite mountain barefoot. Well,  as far as possible  anyway without doing any damage

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